Time outdoors is very important to me! It’s a release for me - I am able to run and jump and scream and get all of my energy out! The fresh air is good for me.  I am also developing my large muscles, balance, and coordination while I play.
When I am building with blocks, I am learning about shapes and sizes. I am learning how to follow a design that I have in my head. When I work with friends I have to cooperate and explain my ideas and plans. I am counting, grouping, sorting, classifying, and problem solving and matching.

Typical Activities:

Group Play:      
Singing, dancing, play acting, games, reading, listening to story and music, circle time
Free Play:         
Children have a choice of – building blocks, kitchen toys, dolls and accessories, play sets, household push toys, art materials
Nursery rhymes, finger plays, stimulus pictures or objects to encourage verbalization, reading to the children
Dramatic play:   
Dress up, role playing, puppetry, etc.
Outdoor play:     
Climbing, slides, water and sand table, riding toys, running, ball playing, trucks, strolling dolls
Special Days:      
Include Birthdays/holiday parties, getting ready for holidays, and holidays

Early Learning Center

Our playroom is bright and cozy.  We have lots of toys which rotate from the supply room on a regular basis to keep interest alive.  Our backyard is a good size for play.  There is a small climb and slide structure, picnic table and riding toys.  We will also have a small water and sand table in the summer.

I am able to learn many concepts and things I didn’t know with books! I am also able to stretch my imagination, creativity, and language development. Books show me that there are universal symbols that represent words – this will help me to learn to read and write.  Books take me to new places!

Little Tulip

Music lets me be creative and express myself.  I am developing an appreciation for the arts, and my ability to be musical.  I am learning listening skills and how to differentiate sounds.  I am using the part of my brain that also does math. It is also fun to move my body and express myself through music!
When I am playing in the dramatic play area I try on various roles to help me process and understand my world. I am developing my social skills and ability to play with others, while using my imagination and being creative.  I am exploring concepts and relationships by acting them out.
In the art area I am expressing myself and being creative. I am using my small muscles and am developing eye-hand coordination. I am seeing cause and effect and the different properties of my materials. I am exploring all different types of media.  All of my creations are unique and special – like me!

Part of our goal for Little Tulip Early Learning Center is to provide a safe, loving, active, home-style atmosphere that allows children the confidence and courage to learn, play, develop social skills, and have fun.


Young children do well with a structured schedule that still allows for flexibility.  Our basic daily schedule outlines the core activities of any given day, play time, meal time, nap time, outdoor activities etc.


Activities are age appropriate and designed to enhance children in all areas of learning.  Free play, daily walks, reading, singing, music, arts and crafts and outdoor play are just a few of the activities we will do.  Programs will revolve around such things as the seasons, holidays, specific interests of children etc. We will celebrate holidays. If there are any holidays that are important to your family please let us know and we will include them as well.